Garden Monsters Expansion

I recently launched Portland’s one and only food carts dedicated to salads called Garden Monsters. With 9 types of meat & seafood, vegan alternatives, 10 signature salads, homemade dressings made from scratch and the ability to create your own salad choosing from a huge selection of ingredients, we’re satisfying the needs of all diets and appetites.

I'm presently located at the Alberta 15 Food Cart pod slightly West of NE Alberta and 15th and have been making preparations to do a few events (Festivals, weddings, etc) throughout the summer. I've reached the point where I'm being offered so many mobile opportunities that it's not only going to disrupts sales it's going to likely upset my new customer base by removing my cart from a place that they've just learned they can find me.

We have opportunities to participate in fantastic upcoming events, but our current food cart and cart's home make it a bit difficult to get to these events. Being one of the only food carts with a healthy alternative that also fills you up and satisfies all diets and appetites, (we mean ALL) you can likely see how perfect of a fit we are for just about any festival or event. Our bank has denied us the full amount needed to get a second cart up and running, so we are turning to the public and our amazing supporters for at-least half of what is needed. This way we can return to the bank for a much smaller loan, and increase our odds of being approved for it. With our campaign capital we can start on the body & exterior, prep supplies, and refrigeration, and then use the bank loan to finish up the rest. -We won round 2 of the Portland Timbers Food Cart alliance and we've been given the opportunity to sell our food to Timbers fans at upcoming games. I've been told to plan on selling appx 2,000 salads to an entirely new customer base. As a food cart that launched in February of this year we consider this a pretty big deal. - "What The Festival" Arts and Music Fest. We'll be attending July 26-28th with approximately 5,000 festival attendees. - Portland Bridge Pedal Exbo. 20,000 PDX bikers. We were personally invited as one of just 3 food carts to attend. - Kaleidoscope Music Festival. One of the largest Music Festivals in Oregon this year with +10,000 expected attendees. - Multiple weddings are on our calendar this summer as well. All of these opportunities have been presented to us with nearly no effort on our end, showing us that there's an unlimited amount of potential for us out there. This is just the beginning for Garden Monsters, the future is bright and we'd love your help in reaching our potential that much quicker!

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